Can You Out-work a Bad Diet?

Do you work out all the time and see no results?  Do spend hours in the gym just to see the number stay the same on the scale, or even worse, increase?  Are you puzzled as to why you aren’t losing the weight?  Let me ask you this: How’s your diet?  Are you eating the right foods for your body to function properly?  Or do you usually lean towards the quickest, most convenient, but not healthiest forms of meals?

Diet is huge in losing weight.   And when I say huge, I mean iceberg huge.  It is 70% diet, and 30% exercise.  You can do long dragging hours in the gym on the cardio machine, and lift all the weights you want, but if you are not eating healthy, or getting the right amounts of nutrition, you won’t see any results.

This also works hand in hand to calories in versus calories out.  Ideally, when you consistently burn more calories than you consume daily, that’s when weight loss happens.  Now, note that I say weight loss, not fat loss.  This is the reason you can’t just go and eat a bunch of oreos, cookies, and donuts and think you can burn all those calories off later on (I wish).  It won’t help for fat loss.  By that time your body probably already stored the excess amount of carbs/sugar/fat.  You need a good healthy balanced diet in order to shred down that fat!

Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy those types of food. You can still enjoy them every once in a while; everything in moderation.  (I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t enjoy a donut every now and then.)  I’m here to help explain what type of foods will be beneficial for you, along with getting exercise, to help you reach the fat loss goal you’ve been working towards.

Processed foods/sugars and why it’s bad:

Processed food is anything that has been altered from its natural state such as canning, freezing, refrigeration, or adding texture, sweetening, coloring, preserving, or even coloring.  Processed food isn’t good for you because a lot the additives or alterations that companies make to the foods are not good for our body to consume.  A lot of processed food has added sugar or sodium which is not beneficial to our bodies and postpone fat loss.  This is why we should limit on eating processed foods or even cut them out of our diet completely.


Protein is a MUST for a good healthy diet.  Protein breaks down into amino acids, which are used widespread throughout the human body.  Amino acids are responsible for everything from our hormones and enzymes to our body’s structure such as muscle, hair, and collagen.  It’s recommended to consume at least .8g of protein per kilogram (.37g/lb) a day.  So for a 150 lb. individual, you should consume at least 55 grams of protein every day.

Suggested forms of protein to include in your diet are lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and lean forms of ground beef or steak.  Fish (white is better), eggs, greek yogurt, and legumes are other great options for adding protein to your diet.


Carbohydrates (carbs) are essential in your diet as it’s your main source of energy.  Carbs turn into glucose and then immediately turns into energy or goes to glycogen storage.  Any leftover glucose turns into sugar and is stored in your body as fat.  Overall, carbs are very important for your diet, however, consuming an exceeded amount of carbohydrates continuously can lead to fat gain, especially if it is coming from processed foods and sugars.  This is why consuming “clean” carbs is important.

Suggested carbohydrates are any that are made from whole grains such as bread, pasta, cereals and wraps.  Rice cakes, oatmeal, and brown rice are great to consume.  Red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and purple potatoes (yes, they do exist!) are also great options.  All vegetables are included in the carbohydrate family, and are unlimited!  You can basically eat as many veggies as you want.  Vegetables are great for you, and the greener, the better!  Fruits are another great option to eat because they are full of vitamins and antioxidants, just stray away from eating them late at night due to the amount of sugar they contain.  Also try to stay away from any processed foods such as white breads, sweets and desserts, sugary cereals, ice cream, and sodas.


Fats, believe it or not, are essential to your diet.  They can help provide energy, and also help your body function properly.  Eating fat will not make you fat, unless you eat a surplus amount every day.  Again, you need fat for your body to function properly, however your body will try to store it as fat for later if you eat too much of it.

You want to consume healthy fats such as healthy oils, nuts, seeds, and avocados.  Fish oil is also a great supplement to take to get in your healthy fats.  Try to steer clear from shortenings and partially hydrogenated oils.

So remember when it comes to working out and diet, they work like a team.  If you combine the two together, you’ll see great results.  However if your diet is slacking, you might delay the process and defer the results you want to see.  Consistency is key, so keep it up; I know you can do it!

Feel free to leave any comments if you have any meal suggestions also!  There are tons of varieties of healthy meals that you can make to help keep up the healthy eating lifestyle!

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