You can burn FAT from eating FAT!? The Keto Diet

 That’s right.  You read that correctly.  What if all the stipulation that ‘eating fat makes you fat’, is a big, FAT LIE?  Well, it’s true!  You CAN burn fat by eating fat!  You may have to trade out the french fries for bacon, but, who wouldn’t rather choose bacon anyways, right?


I’m going to explain to you how you can burn fat by eating fat through a dieting protocol called the Keto Diet.  I’m going to educate you on what ketosis is, how it works, the benefits and cons, and what you may need to get started if you’d like to give this diet a try.  So who’s ready to eat some bacon?

What is Keto?

The word “Keto” is short from the word Ketosis, which is basically the state your body is in when your body uses ketones instead of glucose (blood sugar) for energy.  Ketones are produced from fat in your liver, as an alternative to fuel your body when glucose is in short supply.  In order for your body to get into ketosis, you would have to consume a high fat diet, with little to no carbohydrates, and moderate protein.  Eating too much protein can also result into turning into blood sugar (glucose).

How does eating fat help you burn fat?

Because you are consuming little to no carbs, your body then has to produce energy from the fat (ketones) in your body, thus making your body burn more calories.  Because your insulin becomes low during this state and your energy source is coming solely from fat, that results in a substantial amount of weight loss!  Meaning it makes it easier to burn more fat because your fat stores become easy access.  Believe me now?

Benefits from the Keto Diet

Obviously one of the great benefits from this diet is weight loss, which is great if that is what you are looking to do!  Also, who doesn’t enjoy eating bacon, cheese, butter, and other yummy foods that we are told not to eat because they are too “fattening”?  While the diet helps burn fat, it also reduces hunger, increases energy, and can also effectively help reduce Type II Diabetes because you are eating such few carbohydrates.

Are there any Cons?

Going into Ketosis is generally healthy; however, there are a couple side effects you may want to be aware of.  When we cut out carbs so drastically, our body becomes confused, so you may experience flu-like symptoms for the first week or so.  We call this the Keto Flu.  Symptoms may include headaches, nausea, upset stomach, fatigue, brain fog, and irritability.  However these symptoms are usually very mild and can usually be avoided by drinking enough water and making sure you consume enough sodium.  Also, these side effects usually go away within a week or two, after your body becomes used to using the ketones as energy instead of glucose.

Getting started & how to know when you are in Ketosis

I’ll address some basic guidelines to help you get started, however I will also list some links from helpful resources if you’d like to research it more & see exactly what you need to do to get started.  As for knowing whether or not you are in Ketosis, there are multiple ways to check such as urine tests, blood tests, breathing tests, or seeing a change in your body such as weight loss, loss of appetite, increase in energy, etc.

Here are my top five tips on getting started on the Keto diet:

  1. Restrict your carbohydrates. For the general Keto diet, you usually try to consume around 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs from your daily caloric intake.  With that being said, try to decrease your carbohydrates to 50 grams a day maximum; 20 grams a day would be even better! 
  2. Restrict your protein. Eating too much protein can fault you from reaching optimal ketosis, so try to keep your protein within that 20%.  Try to make sure you are only eating .6g to .8g protein per pound of lean body mass.
  3. Don’t stress about eating too much fat! Fat is going to be your body’s main fuel source, so you want to make sure you consume enough!  You need around 75% per daily caloric intake, so make sure you aren’t depriving yourself from eating enough fat.
  4. Avoid snacking. Snacking during the day increases insulin levels making it harder for you to achieve fat loss.
  5. Drink water! Try to drink around a gallon of water a day.  Drinking water reduces hunger, helps you stay hydrated, and also helps regulate your bodily functions.

There are several other tips to help get you started, but this is just a couple vital ones to help you get started now!

Here are a couple great links I found to help you understand Ketosis in more depth, tell you what foods you can and cannot eat, and help you get started on your Keto adventure:

Ok, now that you understand that the saying ‘eating fat will make you fat’ is just a myth, you can stop buying all those ‘fat free’ items at the grocery store and start buying real and satisfying food!  Now, don’t go buying a bunch of donuts, ice cream, and sugar filled foods just because fat isn’t a factor.  Although those foods have high fat, sugar is no good in this diet, and just like any other diet, this one has some restrictions; so do your research, make sure this diet is right for you and make sure you know you can stick to it, because one of the key factors to weight loss is consistency!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Keto Diet, and I hope I’ve enlightened you a little and made you feel a little less afraid to eat the thing we are all told not to eat: fat.  Leave a comment down below if you have tried this diet, if you liked it, if it helped or any advice for any fellow readers who may like to give this lifestyle a try!

*DISCLAIMER*:  I am not for nor against the Keto Diet.  This blog is an educational resource and is no way telling you to whether it is “right” or “wrong”.  Only you can decide what is best for you.  This blog is simply a guideline on giving you some information on the topic, and in no way is responsible for your choices on what you decide to do.  I highly suggest you do your own in-depth research about the topic before you start this type of diet or make any type of changes to your lifestyle!

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  1. This was so well done in a positive teaching way.We have been doing nutritional Ket o since March 2017,I have lost 91lbs and dear husband 63.We using intermittent fasting,along with keeping a step log of 10,000.We are healthy,clear minded,and no “medicines”, not bad for 70 and 65.Keep up the good work. Blessings LG

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