Gymtimidation: How to get over it.

Being new to the gym can be scary.  We’ve all been there.  Not wanting to attend the gym with the fear of looking like an idiot, not knowing how to use the machines, or the fear of looking stupid because you’re sure being this uncoordinated in daily life will for sure bite you in the butt as you trip running on the treadmill or over your own two feet just from walking to get the machine sanitizer.  Or because having jacked, overly cocky body builders staring at you when you’re the only girl in the weight room is like a feline with a bunch of wieners surrounding it (Hot dogs, come on now, get your mind out of the gutter),   is not ideally how you want to spend your time in the gym.

Have no fear!  I am here to help you realize that gymtimidation is something that is super easy to overcome!  You might not see how now, but trust me, by the end of this post I’ll have you feeling more at ease in the gym in no time.  Here are my 6 top tips for beating gymtimidation:

Tip #1:  Create your own custom workout playlist. (Or find one already made that you love.)

I know this isn’t the first thing you would think of, but by creating your own custom workout playlist of songs that make you feel like you can take over the world, helps miraculously.  Creating your playlist ahead of time will make it super-fast and easy when you get to the gym to just connect to your headphones, hit play, and zone out!  Pick songs that you enjoy, can jam out to, gives you energy or just makes you happy.  When I put on my playlist, (I call it Beast Mode), I turn my headphones way up, and focus on the music.  That way it gets me pumped to get through my workout and forget about anyone else in the room.  Sometimes I even catch myself dancing to the songs!  Playing your own kick-ass playlist definitely makes you feel more comfortable, and most of the time, if you can be anti-social like me sometimes, stops people from coming up and talking to you in the gym.  Usually when you have headphones in, no one is going to try to bother you.

Tip #2:  Know what you’re going to do before you arrive at the gym.

That’s right.  Know exactly what machines you want to use or have a workout plan already made before you get there.  That way, when you get started, you’re not wandering around the gym like a lost puppy trying to figure out what you should start with or what exercise you should do next.  If you don’t know where the machines are in the gym, or how to use them, ask a trainer or someone who works there!  I’m sure they won’t mind showing you, and it’s important to know how to use the machines properly.  At my gym if someone feels uncomfortable with the machines, we give them a tour and show them how to use all the machines the right way.  Safety is important!  And don’t worry about looking stupid if someone’s showing you how to use a machine, because I bet the only people who might try to stare are probably the ones who need the lesson themselves and don’t know how to use them properly!  Most gym-goers won’t bat an eye because they are too focused on looking at themselves in the mirror, anyway.

Tip #3:  Arrive with a gym partner!

Yes, it’s true in most cases, when you have a friend that’s willing to sweat it out in the gym with you, it does make the gymtimidation kind of disappear.  Having a friend with you will make you feel more comfortable and even motivate you to get you through your workout!

Tip #4:  Focus on your workout.

I know it’s hard to stop your wandering eyes checking out what other people are doing, or looking at the clock, or maybe even getting distracted by your phone.  But trust me, just focus on your workout and what you’re doing.  When you are locked in on what you are doing, you won’t even see if anyone is staring.  And if they are, they are probably staring at that juicy booty (dayum girl, baby got back!).  Time will go faster.  You can send that text later.  Try not to let anything distract you.  Just listen to your music, zone out, and focus on your workout.  It makes a world of a difference and can even improve your workout!

Tip #5:  Attend a fitness class.

Sign up for a fitness class!  Whether it be yoga, kickboxing, ab sculpting or spinning, joining a class will place you with other people who have the same interest!  Having the same interest in a class you both are attending is a gateway to spark up conversation!  Classes are loads of fun and while you all may be suffering from the instructor getting your heart rate up and kicking your butts, it’s still a great time and you’re bound to meet a lot of cool people who are guaranteed to become your friends!  The two of you can attend the classes together, and maybe even feel brave enough to venture out into the weight room!

Tip #6:  Avoid the crowd.

I hate driving to the gym just to get there and realize that almost every machine is taken by gym-goers and you end up stuck not really knowing what you should do.  Avoiding the gym on peak hours is a great way to help you get to know your gym better, and make you feel more comfortable when it’s not packed with people.  If you’re not sure what times are best to avoid the crowd, ask someone at the front desk.  They usually have a pretty good idea of the peak hours and what times of the day are less busy.

Well there you have it!  My 6 top tips for overcoming the awful gymtimidation!  These tips definitely helped me when I was brand new and just started at the gym, so I’m sure they are going to help you as well!  Comment down below if it helped at all or if you have ideas of your own on how to beat the gymtimidation feels!

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  1. Great tips! I remember feeling fairly awkward at first but now my husband and I have our very own gym family. You automatically have something in common. And trust me everybody has their own little gym dance!

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