Girls Just Want to be Fit!

Hi there!

And welcome to my blog!  I’m sure if you’ve read my About Me, that you now already know a little bit about me and my obsession with health and fitness (and donuts).  If not, now you do!  I love fitness and I love sharing my knowledge about it with you!  After becoming a fitness trainer, I decided that I’d love to share my knowledge about fitness with a larger group of people instead of just my clients!

That’s when I decided to create this blog, Girls Just Want to be Fit!  What striked me to come up with the name was the saying “Girls just want to have fun”. Instead of fun, I changed it to “be fit”!  A lot of girls, like me, sometimes struggle with living a healthy lifestyle and wanting that balance of feeling and looking good.  We want to look fit, be fit, and feel fit!  We search everywhere for any tips that could help us lose those “lingering love handles”, or those troublesome “thunder thighs”.  By sharing my knowledge about fitness, health, and fat loss in this blog (and admitting to some of my struggles, too), I’m hoping to reach all the girls out there that can learn something from me, and maybe even reach their fitness goal!

So now that you know why I created the blog, and have maybe learned a little bit about me, I’m very excited to start to write posts for you!  Also, feel free to comment to say “Hi”, any suggestions on posts you’d like to see, any questions you may have, or share with me your experience in the subject!  I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it and want to share it to others who may enjoy it as well!

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