How to Build and Transform Your Glutes

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How to Build and Transform Your Glutes

I’m sure by you reading the title, you already know what this post is about.  We all now days want our booty to be big, plump, and firm!  Small butts just aren’t “in” anymore.  The bigger, the better!  Now if there is one part of the body I know how to transform and build well, it’s the glutes!  My legs and butt are my favorite muscles to train!  Why?  Because I’ve mastered the glute pump!  I’ve figured out the best exercises to do to get your booty pumped, activated, and working!  In this post, I’m going to inform you of the different glute muscles, how to activate your glutes to get most out of your workout, how often to train them, and how training glutes will benefit you overall!  Also, don’t forget to SIGN UP NOW to receive my exclusive Glute Training 101 Freebie, where I will send you a FREE cheat sheet and video of my top 8 glute building exercises to really help build that booty of yours!  So let’s get started!

Getting to Know the Glute Muscles

There are 3 different muscles that make up your glutes:

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus


Gluteus Maximus

The biggest muscle and the one we use the most is called the Gluteus Maximus.  This muscle not only is the biggest glute muscle, but is actually the biggest muscle in the entire body.  This muscle allows extension of the hip, external rotation of the hip, and the lower fibers assist in adduction (towards the axis of the body) as well.  The fibers of the  maximus move diagonally downward away from the midline, and perpendicular with each other.  Because this muscle is an extensor of the hip joint, movements such as climbing or going up steps, along with bending the knee such as leg press or squats, activates this muscle.

Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is the second biggest glute muscle.  It is located on the upper part of your butt, underneath the iliac crest.  This muscle medially rotates the hip, and acts as an abductor (away from the axis of the body).  The fibers move downwards and backwards, creating a tendon that attaches to the super-lateral side of the greater trochanter of the femur.  Movements such as a single leg stance where stability is a factor or lying side leg raise (abduction) activates the medius muscle.

Gluteus Minimus

The gluteus minimus is the smallest of the gluteal muscles.   It is located anterior of the medius, deep inside the glute muscles and is triangular in shape.  This muscle internally rotates the hip joint.  It also helps with abduction and medial rotation of the thigh to the hip.  It works hand in hand with the medius, stabilizing the hip and pelvis.


How to activate the glute muscles

Before I train my glute muscles, I like to warm them up by doing certain exercises that activate them to help them work properly during my training.  To activate them, I do certain movements that involve abduction, extension, and rotation of the hip.  I like to use loop bands for tension to help activate the muscles while doing the warm up.


Band Squats

I like to start with loop band squats.  It helps activate the glute muscles with hip extension and range of motion.  If you do side by side band squats that also helps with hip abduction.  In order to do this exercise, place the band around your legs, mid-thigh.  Then place your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Keeping your chest high, squat down like you are about to sit in a low chair, then pulse up.  Keep most of your weight in your heels, and squeeze your butt when you arrive at the top.  In order to do the side by side band squats, start out the same way as the static ones.  This time, as you squat down, move one leg to the side as you lower yourself into a squat position.  Stand up, moving your leg into the starting position, and as you squat down again, move your opposite leg to the side.  Alternate legs each rep.  I do 20-30 repetitions of this exercise.


Standing Band Hip Abductions

To do this exercise, put the band around both ankles.  I suggest holding onto the wall of the opposite side you’re going to abduct(move outward) for balance.  With the leg opposite to the wall, pull the band outward to the side, away from your body.  This way, you are abducting your hip joint and activating your medius and minimus muscles.  I like to do 15-20 repetitions on both legs.


Floor Glute Kickbacks

This warm up exercise is great to do to activate the maximus muscle by using hip extension.  In order to do this exercise, put the loop band around both legs, and get down on the ground onto all fours.  Work the band up where on one leg, the band is under the knee.  The other side is around the upper thigh.  Keep the knee bent that has the band underneath, as you straighten the opposite leg, and lift it upwards towards the sky.  This way you are using your hip flexors and muscle to extend your hip upward to activate the maximus muscle.  Do 20-30 repetitions and then switch sides.

How often should you train glutes?

That really just depends on you and your goals!  If you’d really like to focus on growing a firmer, bigger booty, then I suggest training them about 3-4 times a week.  In order to grow your glutes, you’ll want to aim towards using heavier weight, after you’ve warmed up with the activation exercises.  Do 3-4 sets, and about 12-15 repetitions per exercise.  If you’d like your booty to just firm up a little and you are happy with it’s size, then you can still do 3-4 sets, but I’d suggest only training them 1-3 times a week, and have a higher rep range with 15-25 repetitions per set using lighter weight.  Also, you’ll want to try to do your compound (multiple joint, multiple muscle) exercises first and then work on your isolation (single-joint) exercises last.  With compound movements, you can lift heavier and more safely, meaning they are great to do to increase strength and stability, as compared to isolation exercises which are usually higher rep and lower weight, which helps practice mind to muscle connection and muscle activation.  Combining these two movements helps build the base and shape of your glutes, as well as target the different gluteal muscles.

Squat - glute muscles

How training glutes will benefit you

The benefits from training glutes doesn’t just stop at giving you a firmer and bigger booty.  Here are some benefits you get by training your butt.

Better Posture

It helps better your posture by supporting your pelvis when you move.  Having strong glutes will also help strengthen your lower back muscles, resulting in better posture as well.


Helps avoid injury and pain

Because your glutes helps stabilize your hips and lower back, training your glutes will help you avoid injury, and pain from poor posture.


Improved athletic performance

Training the glutes helps strengthen the hip extensors causing your athletic performance to improve in all areas of fitness.


Increased bone density

The stronger your gluteal muscles become, the more your bone density increases.


Burn more calories, lose more fat

Given that your gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body, the more you train them, the more you burn calories, resulting in fat loss.  And of course, the more muscle you gain, the more fat you lose!

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Glutes muscles - booty building

Now that you know the basic anatomy and why you should train your glute muscles, you’re ready to get started!  But wait!  Are you not sure what exercises to get started with?  It’s ok, because I’m here to help!  Sign up below to receive my top 8 exclusive booty building exercises to help build that booty of yours!  I’m even including a free video for you to watch to see how to perform the different exercises properly!  So what are you waiting for? Sign up below to receive your free Build A Booty Guide and get started on growing that booty!  Also comment below if you have any questions on anything I’ve mentioned in my post!  Do you train your glutes?  What are your favorite booty exercises?


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