About Me

Hey there! I’m Amy!

I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, a full time chihuahua mom of two, an avid lover of donuts (and food in general), and supporter of a healthy and balanced lifestyle!


My story behind Girls Just Want to be Fit...

Growing up, I was always pretty skinny, but come college, I gained what they all call the Freshman Fifteen.  I was also a bikini model for years, so I was always so self conscious & worried about my weight/the way I looked. 

After I had gotten my breasts done (I’ve always believed I was supposed to have bigger boobies 😛 ), is when I noticed I had let my weight get a little out of hand.  I was more confident about my chest, but not confident at all about my weight.  I knew I wasn’t fat by any means, however, I noticed that I had gained some fluff and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror at all anymore! 

From there I had joined some group fitness classes, focused on cardio, and sorta just messed around with some light weights and machines.  I lost some weight but I still wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  I wanted to be toned, and have some muscle, not just be skinny.  I wasn’t eating the best, and was still enjoying alcoholic beverages a little too often.

I decided to quit the drinking, and hired a trainer to help me with my diet and workouts.  He then helped me realize the difference in the foods I was eating, and calories in versus calories out.  I learned more of a variety of exercises to add to my workout. 

I entered in a bikini contest for some added motivation, however, I still didn't really take fitness seriously.

About 4 years ago, I made myself commit to the gym 5 days a week, and got serious about my diet.  I researched and read about macros and IIFYM, which is a flexible approach to dieting.  That’s when I also found a love for donuts!  I met someone who had years of experience in the gym, and started training with them.  At first I hated it.  I hated sweating, I hated not knowing what I was doing, I was scared of people watching me, and I hated pushing my muscles to their limit, but I was committed and determined to achieve a healthier and more fit body.  I overcame the gym-timidation feels, and after a while, I started to actually love working out! 

I started to love the muscle soreness, I started to love sweating, lifting weights, the pump you can get when you train, and the most important thing, the results!  I loved seeing myself get stronger.  Once you see the results you achieve, it pushes you even harder and makes you want to continue going.  I loved the diet I was on, because I could still enjoy the foods I love (like donuts) in moderation, that I would’ve ended up binging on if I was eating “clean”.  I started learning everything I could about fitness.  I researched online, watched fitness videos, and tried out new exercises in the gym.  Going to the gym to train was now my favorite part of my day, and the thing I looked most forward to doing every day.

I fell in love with fitness.

I started getting asked all the time to give fitness advice to friends, family, and even random people who came up to me in the gym.  That’s when I decided that I wanted to help other people achieve their goals and also maybe fall in love with fitness like I did, by becoming a personal trainer.  So by May 2017, I became an official ISSA Certified Personal Trainer!

I was ecstatic!  I was working at a gym part time, and started training clients there.  However, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough.  I wanted to help more people.  Give out more information.  Let people (girls, especially) know about things with fitness and health that I wish I had known earlier.  

That's when Girls Just Want to be Fit was born!

I wanted to provide women an outlet where I could give quality and truthful information about health and fitness!  A place where women could go for advice, tips, and questions where they would be answered and informed, along with the support to keep them going!  My goal with Girls Just Want to be Fit is to show women of all ages, that fitness can be fun, and that anyone can be fit!  I want to provide quality information to help all women reach their fitness goals!

I currently provide online personal training services, and also provide challenges for all you girls to enter to help reach your fitness goals.  The best part is that you can place and receive prizes based off of your total body transformation!

I hope to help each and every one of you ladies feel fit and fabulous, whether it is joining in on a challenge, my quality personal training services, or reading up on all the free information I provide in my blog!

If you have any questions at all for me, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!  I love helping all of you and want to help you all reach your personal goals!  So here’s to us ladies on our journey of becoming and staying fit and fabulous!

Amy, Girls Just Want to be Fit

Donuts are my weakness, I'm not kidding! 😛
The gym is my happy place!
I managed to find a fit, healthy & balanced lifestyle!